Roadmap with Irina - January 2023

Irina Bondar 08/28/23

Sometimes it is impossible to fight the weather, but we need to be prepared for possible disasters. Flooding can occur anywhere, but water and electricity don’t mix. Because electrical hazards may linger after flood w...

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Roadmap with Irina - December 2022

Irina Bondar 08/27/23

At this time of the year real estate market activity usually decreases, and November statistics reflect this. The number of closed sales in November in Santa Clara County went down by 23% for single-family homes and b...

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Roadmap with Irina - November 2022

Irina Bondar 08/26/23

Want to shake up your usual Thanksgiving plans? Just add a few of these easy Thanksgiving activities or games for kids and adults to your Thanksgiving dinner party to make the celebration special. And who knows, you m...

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Roadmap with Irina - February 2023

Irina Bondar 08/30/23

Your homeowner’s insurance typically provides coverage for the things in your home, up to a specific limit. In the event of a covered loss or damage, you’ll want to be able to provide a list of all your personal prope...

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Roadmap with Irina - March 2023

Irina Bondar 08/31/23

The February real estate market showed an uptick of activity compared with January of this year, but it was still less active than February of last year. The median sale price for single-family houses and condos went ...

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Roadmap with Irina - April 2023

Irina Bondar 09/1/23

Sure, you’ve seen the small recycling symbols that seem to be stamped on everything from plastics to glass, metal, and paper — but do you really know what they mean? Before you head to the recycling center or take you...

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Roadmap with Irina - May 2023

Irina Bondar 09/2/23

This article is intended to be a general overview of Prop 19, and every situation is different so please be sure to consult with YOUR experts before you make any decisions.  Let me know if you need referrals for exper...

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Roadmap with Irina - June 2023

Irina Bondar 09/3/23

One of the best ways to improve your household’s safety is to focus on preparation. If disaster strikes, your household could be without power and running water for an extended period of time. That’s why having an eme...

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