Roadmap with Irina - May 2022

Roadmap with Irina - May 2022


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Hope that you are doing great. 

Last month we observed the fastest change in the real estate market for the past few years. Due to the stock market volatility and rising interest rates, activity has slowed down, properties are staying on the market longer and receive less offers than a month ago. We see price reductions or increases in some areas, so the market is definitely adjusting. Does it mean that the market is going down? Everyone expected a recession sooner or later, so maybe this is the one.

I still think that this is a great time for both buyers and sellers to move forward. 30-year fixed is not the only option for buyers, maybe 7- or 10-year ARM will be a better choice now. If interest rates go down, buyers can refinance; if the interest rates continue to grow, the buyers will be happy that they bought homes with lower rates. Less competition is also a big plus for buyers: they don’t need to overpay too much for a house.

As for the sellers, if the market starts to level or goes down, the sellers who sell first will get a higher price than the ones who sell later. So going on the market with the right price is very critical now. The longer a house stays on the market the lower it will be sold for. 

Nobody knows when the real estate market reaches the top or hits the bottom until it starts to go in the opposite direction. If you think that this is the right time for you to buy or sell, maybe it is the right time. Let’s connect, talk about your options, run some numbers, and see if this is the right time for you.  I am always here for you.


Birds can be a welcome visitor to your yard. Whether you are watching them out the window while you sip on a cup of coffee in the morning or from your porch in the evening, it can be a relaxing experience. Birds can also be helpful allies in keeping your yard pest-free as they eat a variety of insects.

It can take a little work to get your yard to be a stop for the birds in your area. By following these tips, you’ll make your yard the place to be for your feathered friends.
Bird Feeders
Offering a food source is the first step in attracting birds to your yard. If your goal is to attract more birds, add more feeders throughout your yard. By placing the feeders at different heights and using a variety of types of feeders, your odds of attracting various species of birds increase.

Also, be aware of the type of feeders you use. Platform and ground feeders provide more space and can be good for ground-feeding birds. Tube and hopper feeders give birds an area to perch while enjoying the food you’ve provided.

What you put in the feeders is also important. Different birds enjoy different foods. Researching what birds in your area enjoy can help you make the most of your feeders. Consider:
  • Seed mixes help attract a variety of birds and can be easily purchased at many stores.
  • Suet is a mix of seeds and animal fat, a good source of protein for birds.
  • A black-oil sunflower is a popular option for many birds.
  • Dried mealworms provide both fat and protein.
  • Thistles are a favorite of gold finches.
  • Want to attract hummingbirds?  Make sure to have nectar available.
  • Plant trees and shrubs in your yard that provide birds a natural source of food like fruits, berries, and seeds.
In the end, it can be best to offer a “bird buffet” with various types of foods. Many birds enjoy berries, apples, oranges, peanuts, peanut butter, and cracked corn. It will take some experimenting to see what your native birds enjoy.
Bird Housing
You will want to let birds feel safe in your yard. Trees and large shrubs are good options to provide protection from the elements or even predators. These areas can also provide shade to birds on a hot summer afternoon. By adding birdhouses or nesting boxes to your yard, you’ll give birds an extra reason to hang around.

Better yet, you may get to enjoy the experience of watching baby birds grow up. To help increase the chances of birds making your yard home, collect a pile of brush. This bundle of branches and leaves will provide nesting materials for a variety of birds.

Don’t forget to clean out the nesting box yearly. Once you’re sure the bird has moved on, clean it out in preparation. You might even get a repeat tenant when birds return to the area!
Bird Baths
By providing a water source, birds will spend more time in your yard. Bird baths allow for both bathing and a place for them to drink. There are a variety of bird baths you can choose from. A basic bird bath will have a bowl for water that the birds frolic in. You can also find heated bird baths for the cooler months.

If you buy a bird bath, consider installing it without the pedestal if it comes with it. Instead, place it on the ground or slightly raised above the ground. A lower placement can lead to more birds using it.

To help increase the number of bird visitors you see, create movement in the bird bath with water features. Circulating pumps, misters and drippers add an element of sound. And this could attract birds migrating through the area to your yard. If you’re a serious bird watcher, adding a pond that is bird-oriented is an option if you have the room. Just don’t make it too deep!

If you do add a bird bath to your yard, make sure to provide fresh water daily and clean it regularly. As beneficial as bird baths can be, contaminated water can spread disease.
By making your yard more friendly for the local birds, you’ll get a view of nature right outside of your window.
Raising kids is hard but could be very rewarding. As my friend’s father said, kids are not an investment, they are a donation. Give them as much as you can, do not expect anything in return, and be happy and proud when they thrive. Today I want to talk about my son Georgiy.

If you knew Georgiy when he was a kid, you remember that he was very energetic, had tons of ideas and always tried to push boundaries. Every rule written somewhere (pool, school, playground, etc) needed to be broken. Why can’t we climb the slide? Why are only 6 people allowed in a spa? Why do you have to be 17 to fly a plane? Why should boys have short hair? He never was a mean person, just very curious and adventurous. Thanks to his personality, we always had the best teachers who could handle him at school. We personally knew all principles and had regular meetings with them. I think I got all my gray hair when he was still in elementary school.

In high school Georgiy started “The Flat Earth Society” to make his classmates take another look at well-known facts and think differently. He had long hair, wore the same gray cap and a t-shirt supporting Trump. Everyone at school knew who Georgiy was even if they didn’t know him personally. “I will always be against” was one of his mottos.  If Georgiy put his mind into something, he would get it. After all, this burning desire of trying more or doing things in different ways led him to getting his private pilot license at age 17, entering his dream university right after 11 grade, leaving high school in the beginning of his senior year, working at an auto shop, etc. This year he graduated from Embry Riddle University in Arizona completing his education in only 3 years. Due to some personal reasons, he didn’t become a pilot as he dreamed before, but he discovered a new passion and graduated with highest recognition (Summa Cum Laude). In a couple of months, he will continue his education at UC Santa Cruz (I am super happy to have him closer to home) and is planning to get his PhD in applied mathematics. Oh, and he is getting married soon to a girl that he met 6 years ago in school, and these two want to spend the rest of their lives together. They are very young, I know, but they are very mature and ready for this new adventure together. 

I am proud of our son. And I am so proud that at his age he turned into a responsible and dedicated person. He reads a lot both in Russian and English, and it is so cool when you can discuss great classical books with him, argue about history events, and talk about anything. Him and I have very similar personalities, so it is very easy for me to understand and support him. We stopped parenting Georgiy in middle school, never asked him for straight A’s or forbid something that didn’t make sense. I think the only right way to raise good people is to be an example for them and let them try as much as they want to discover their true self. And always be around just in case. :)

I wish lots of patience and love to all parents. We are doing an important job of raising good people. So exhale, smile, and carry on! 
Always yours,
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